” Several people have reported seeing a rugged man

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Canada Goose Parka OTHER ANOMALIES Jennie Wade, the one civilian casualty I mentioned, is said to wander the house where she died along with the of her father, who was institutionalized after her death and ended up passing away in the “poorhouse.” Several people have reported seeing a rugged man, barefoot, with a floppy hat and sloppy, ragged clothes on the rocks at Devil’s Den. According to Civil War buffs, this perfectly matches the description of Canada Goose Outlet the unkempt, poorly dressed Texans who were at Gettysburg fighting for the Confederate Army in 1863. Gettysburg Battlegrounds frequently has volunteers canada goose jacket outlet uk scheduled to reenact the prominent battles for the enjoyment of passing tourists canada goose outlet online uk Canada Goose Parka.

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